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DEFSEC Media is New Zealand's defence, security and fire B2B/B2G publishing group. Our leading magazines, NZ Security, Fire NZ - and our latest title - Line of Defence, are read by key business, government and military decision makers. This website is the online home of cutting-edge content from each of our titles.


NZ's defence industry unfairly targeted

Defsec Media, 13 Sep2017

Protest can be a blunt, disproportionate weapon, and by targeting the NZDIA forum and its main sponsor, activists inflict collateral damage on the members of a vitally important NZ industry.

GA-ASI Celebrates 25 Years

Line of Defence, Winter 2017

The case for surveillance aerostats for NZ

Line of Defence, Winter 2017


Exercise: weapons attack at an iconic venue

NZ Security, Aug/Sep 2017

Auckland Live's Dean Kidd presented on “Weapons Attack at an Iconic Venue” at ASIS' Wellington meeting in June, providing his insights into the staging of a NZ-first training exercise.

 Biometric bank access challenges passwords

NZ Security, Aug/Sep 2017

New Zealand's home of strategic and business analysis for the sectors that keep us safe


The North Korea test for US-China relations

Line of Defence, Winter 2017

As tensions escalate with North Korea, former Defence Minister Wayne Mapp considers whether the rogue state provides the ultimate litmus test for relations between the US and China

China’s expanding Belt and Road policies

Line of Defence, Winter 2017

Genocide Looming in South Sudan?

Line of Defence, Winter 2017

NZ foreign policy with President Trump

Line of Defence, Autumn 2017


Towards an economics of terror threat in NZ

Line of Defence, Winter 2017

The terrorist threat to NZ is assessed as low, but NZSIS advises we need to take the threat seriously. But what does ‘low’ mean in terms of the threat, and what should ‘seriously’ look like?

Australasian terror: a summer snapshot

NZ Security, Feb/Mar 2017

Precise language needed on terror attacks

Line of Defence, Summer 2016/17

Securing against vehicle-borne attacks

NZ Security, Aug/Sep 2016 


The Internet of Things and the hackable home

NZ Security, June/July 2017

The smart home is taking off, but it's not without its risks. In an age where cyberattacks can cause power blackouts across cities, are homes at risk of becoming a new target of cybercrime?

NZ needs cultural shift to keep data safe

NZ Security, Dec 2016 / Jan 2017

Cybersecurity: Is car hacking really a thing?

NZ Security, June 2016


Detector Dogs strengthen ‘offshore disruption’

Line of Defence, Winter 2017 

Detector dogs trained in New Zealand as part of the NZ Customs and Police Fiji Detector Dog Project are disrupting international crime syndicates, writes Nicholas Dynon.

Deportations reflect visa fraud challenge

Line of Defence, Summer 2016/17 


Missing Taser calls security into question

NZ Security, Dec 2016 / Jan 2017

Recently a Police Taser went missing in Gisborne after a struggle between Police and a group of youths. With the Taser now standard issue, just how secure are NZ Police’s 1,500 Tasers?

Police apprehend IPANZ excellence award

Situation Report, 07 July 2016

Why Safe Cities?

NZ Security, Dec 2015 / Jan 2016


Fire Safety Review - industry input urged

Fire NZ, September 2015

NZ Fire Protection Association chief executive Keith Blind warns the NZ fire industry has become far too apathetic about its own future -  if an MBIE questionnaire is anything to go by

Ambo-fire dispatch glitch sorted

Fire NZ, September 2015

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