Shaping NZ’s airlift force for the next 40 years

Line of Defence, Autumn 2017 

Dr Robert C. Owen of Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University offers his thoughts on the airlift options available to the RNZAF. He argues there are two broad options for modernising the fleet. 


Storing sensitive data securely with Synology

Line of Defence, Autumn 2017

 The fog of smokeless war: Cybersec for NZDF

Line of Defence, Autumn 2017 

Airbus A400M: Far side of the world

Line of Defence, Autumn 2017

OPV a new option for maritime surveillance

Line of Defence, Summer 2016/17


Mandatory training in NZ's security sector

NZ Security, April 2017

Dr Trevor Bradley of VUW says PSPLA data indicates it will be some time before we see any clear evidence that mandatory training has led to a more professionalised industry.


Security industry slammed for failure to train

NZ Security, Feb/Mar 2017

In the first of a two-part feature, Keith Newman asks how the security guard industry can redefine itself to meet 21st century challenges when most indicators are that it’s stuck in a 1970s rut.

Protecting your home against burglary

Defsec Media, April 2017

Martin Jetpack: First response game changer?

NZ Security, Dec 2016 / Jan2017


NZ lacking true dialogue on cyber security

NZ Security, Feb/Mar 2017

December’s NZ Security covered cybersecurity expert Andrew Colarik’s presentation to the Future NZ Forum. Here, Dr Colarik lays out what needs to happen to make NZ truly cyber resilient.


NZ needs cultural shift to keep data safe

NZ Security, Dec 2016 / Jan 2017

Cybersecurity: Is car hacking really a thing?

NZ Security, June 2016

New Zealand ranked 18th for cyber attacks

Situation Report, 08 June 2016


Private sector to build invisible national borders

Line of Defence, Autumn 2017

Fenced borders are being erected in Europe in response to unprecedented refugee flows; and then, of course, there is US President Trump’s proposed US-Mexico border wall.


Australia: seamless border around the corner

Line of Defence, Autumn 2017

Deportations reflect visa fraud challenge

Line of Defence, Summer 2016/17 

Hawk Dynasty: New patrol vessel for NZ Customs

Line of Defence, Summer 2016/17

IDme: Immigration NZ gets real on identity

Line of Defence, Summer 2016/17

SmartGate success for New Zealand Customs

Line of Defence, April 2016


Australasian terror: a summer snapshot

NZ Security, Feb/Mar 2017

A flurry of worried reporting followed in the wake of the release of the National Security System Handbook, which talked of an unspecified "threat of a domestic terrorist incident".


RiskNZ: Repositioning Risk Management

Line of Defence, Autumn 2017

Precise language needed on terror attacks

Line of Defence, Summer 2016/17

Securing against vehicle-borne attacks

NZ Security, Aug/Sep 2016 

UK surveillance expert VUW visiting Professor

Situation Report, 06 July 2016


NZ foreign policy with President Trump

Line of Defence, Autumn 2017

Former Defence Minister Hon Dr Wayne Mapp considers the uncertainties faced by New Zealand foreign policy in the Trump era, but there are also opportunities.


A comprehensive approach to national security?

Line of Defence, Autumn 2017

Evaluating NZ’s membership of the UNSC

Line of Defence, April 2016


Missing Taser calls security into question

NZ Security, Dec 2016 / Jan 2017

Recently a Police Taser went missing in Gisborne after a struggle between Police and a group of youths. With the Taser now standard issue, just how secure are NZ Police’s 1,500 Tasers?


Shooting a trigger for police worn cameras

FEATURES: NZ Security, Aug/Sep 2016

Police apprehend IPANZ excellence award

Situation Report, 07 July 2016

Why Safe Cities?

NZ Security, Dec 2015 / Jan 2016


Fire Safety Review - industry input urged

Fire NZ, September 2015

NZ Fire Protection Association chief executive Keith Blind warns the NZ fire industry has become far too apathetic about its own future -  if an MBIE questionnaire is anything to go by


Ambo-fire dispatch glitch sorted

Fire NZ, September 2015

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