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Olympus brings award-winning Olympus LIVE to Sydney

Posted 12/5/2018

Olympus is excited to announce the launch of the Olympus LIVE experience centre in Macquarie Park, Sydney. Olympus LIVE is designed specifically for Olympus customers to access technology and undertake education in a purpose-built environment.

Olympus LIVE Sydney opens.Olympus LIVE Sydney opens.


This is the third centre of its kind with Olympus having launched 'Olympus LIVE Melbourne' in 2014 and 'Olympus LIVE Auckland' in 2017.

Olympus LIVE Sydney will be the flagship facility for consumer camera customers boasting a professional Photographic Studio, a Camera Experience Zone and a camera repair facility.

Other features include an integrated Medical Suite with state-of-the-art surgical and endoscopy equipment, a Scientific and Industrial Laboratory complete with Olympus' latest microscopes and industrial technology and an Endoscope Cleaning Room.

"Having access to a unique and innovative offering is a big advantage for our customers and something that we hope differentiates us as a provider," said Jason Borg, Consumer Division Manager.

"We have creative and visionary customers. We want this centre to help them realise their full potential with our products," said Mr Borg.

Olympus Australia and New Zealand Managing Director, James Bowe, confirmed the driver behind this investment was in response to the changing needs of customers.

"Our number-one priority is to listen to and build partnerships with our customers. Olympus LIVE Sydney allows customers to experience our technology in a simulated working-environment and increases our capacity to deliver effective education programs.

It is with great pride that we open this facility to our NSW customers," said Mr Bowe.

Olympus LIVE Sydney is now operational ahead of an official launch planned this month.

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