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Border Security news and features

International Customs Day celebrated with Hawk V launch

Line of Defence Magazine (update), 26 Jan 2018

NZ Customs has celebrated International Customs Day with the official launch of its new patrol vessel, the Hawk V. Docked at Auckland’s Captain Cook Wharf, the 18 metre catamaran was commissioned by Customs Minister Meka Whaitiri.

Taming information overload for effective border controls

Line of Defence, Winter 2017

In the age of big data, authorities tasked with border security have too much information to deal with, yet are responsible for quickly finding threats before they affect their country. Trained, experienced analysts are essential yet scarce resources. 

Detector Dogs strengthening NZ's ‘offshore disruption’ capability

Line of Defence, Winter 2017 

Detector dogs trained in New Zealand as part of the NZ Customs and Police Fiji Detector Dog Project are disrupting international crime syndicates that use the island nation as a transit point for smuggling, writes Nicholas Dynon.

The paradox of information sharing at New Zealand’s borders

Line of Defence, Winter 2017

New Zealand’s border sector ministers are pledging ever closer cooperation with their five-eyes partners, yet information sharing between border agencies at home is stymied by legislation and systems that are not fit for purpose, writes Nicholas Dynon.

Private sector to build invisible national borders

Line of Defence, Autumn 2017

There is much talk in the international media about walled or fenced borders being erected in Europe in response to unprecedented refugee flows from Syria; and then, of course, there is US President Donald Trump’s proposed US-Mexico border wall. 

Australia: seamless border for bona fide travellers

Line of Defence, Autumn 2017

In a major development, Australia’s Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) is considering tender submissions for an automated processing solution to support the concept of a ‘seamless traveller’ movement through its borders.

Deportations reflect student visa fraud challenge

Line of Defence, Summer 2016/17

Line of Defence Magazine’s editor ponders the great opportunity-risk dichotomy that is the Indian international student market, and the myriad challenges it poses to New Zealand’s border integrity and economy.

Hawk Dynasty: New patrol vessel for NZ Customs

Line of Defence, Summer 2016/17

Customs minister Nicky Wagner announced on 18th September New Zealand Customs' investment in a world-class patrol vessel - the Hawk V - to “reinforce and enhance the protection of New Zealand’s maritime border.”

IDme: Immigration NZ gets real on identity

Line of Defence, Summer 2016/17

New Id management system IDme is the kick-start of a biometrics push for INZ. Using biometric data to minimise the threat posed to our borders by Id fraud is an important move, but balancing this with privacy and service concerns will be key. 

Smart project management and Smartgate success

Line of Defence, April 2016

From all accounts, the success of Customs' SmartGate project was determined well before the system processed its first traveller’s e-passport. Strong collaboration with the manufacturer and the existing user –was key.

Ex Maru 2015: sending a message to WMD proliferators

Line of Defence, 2016

Exercise Maru 2015 examined current proliferation trends and challenges, and examined border authorities and their capacity and capability to respond to the trafficking of WMDs and related material. Read more

ADV Ocean Protector returns to Australia’s borders

Line of Defence, April 2016

In January, the Australian government acquired the ADV Ocean Protector. It's a unique vessel, owned and operated by the Australian Defence Force (ADF), and utilising Australian Border Force (ABF) personnel. Read more

Avatars, self-service bag drops enhance airport security

Line of Defence, April 2016

Self check-in kiosks are being installed at airports around the world, and last December, Air New Zealand installed its new ‘world first’ self-service biometric bag drops at Auckland International Airport. Read more

Trustworthiness key to acceptance of biometrics

NZ Security, August 2015

The Biometrics Institute Asia-Pacific Conference was held in late May in Sydney with the theme ‘Identity, Security & Trust – Creating a seamless customer experience in the physical and digital world’. Read more

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Big increase in counter-terror interventions

NEWS: Nov 20, 2015

Since July, 199 passengers have been offloaded from flights by CTU officers for national security reasons, concerns about their travel destination or other suspicious behavior – a significant increase in total offloads. Read more

YPB Group wins new ePassport contract

NEWS: Nov 15, 2015

Australian brand protection solutions company YPB Group Ltd has been contracted to provide its VariSec technology to a significant Southern African country.Seen as validating its IPP purchaseRead more

Aust and NZ govts to share Identity information

NEWS: Nov 12, 2015

Information sharing to combat identity crime and facilitate travel. The initiative was designed to combat identity crime, but also, say ministers, help promote cross-border travel, migration and commerce. Read more

INZ fees increasing and new levy to be introduced

NEWS: Nov 12, 2015

According to a 9 November 2015 Immigration New Zealand (INZ) media release, following a 2015 review of immigration charges, Cabinet has agreed to increase immigration charges by 8.3 per cent overallRead more

INZ issues warning on scam phone calls

NEWS: Nov 11, 2015

INZ warns of scam calls from individuals claiming to be INZ staff. Callers posing as staff are telling unsuspecting respondents that they have been selected for a grant as part of a government-wide initiative. Read more

Developments in biometrics at the border

NZ Security, April/May 2015

Biometric security for passports and visas is fast becoming a ubiquitous aspect of international travel. Bill Sillery of visa processing solutions provider TT Services talks us through it. Read more

Swings and carousels in airport security 

NZ Security, April/May 2015

Allowing the good folk in and keeping the bad out is a ‘round-the-clock’ challenge for border agencies. How are they keeping borders secure while handling massive traveller throughput? Read more

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