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Fire Protection news and features

Sprinkler stalwarts reflect on lives saved

FireNZ Magazine, September 2017

With a collective experience of over 110 years in the fire protection industry, John Fraser and Ian Makgill have both played significant roles in the industry’s development and, ultimately, in making New Zealanders safer. They talk to FireNZ.

Managing safety and risk with FireForm

FireNZ Magazine, September 2017

As we have seen in recent events the correct operation of fire protection and alarm systems has a massive impact on life safety. FireForm has developed a way to track and communicate fire system impairments, improving risk management and saving time and money.

Criminal charges imminent in Grenfell fire negligence

FireNZ Magazine, September 2017

In the wake of multiple high-rise tragedies, including the loss of over 80 lives in the Grenfell fire, Keith Newman reviews the tragic consequences of failing to promptly address fire safety concerns – and what’s being done about it.

The future of firefighting equipment

FireNZ Magazine, September 2017

With the daily dangers faced by fire fighters recognised as a harsh reality of the job, Paul North of UK-based Fire & Water Supplies believes that the development and continual improvement to equipment should be consistently monitored. 

Keeping the Waterview Tunnel fire protected

FireNZ Magazine, September 2017

The 2.4km Waterview Tunnel opened on 02 July, having cost $1.4b to build. What exactly does it take to keep it operating safely, and what fire systems and maintenance and testing schedules are in place to ensure that the tunnel is kept fire-free?

New UFBA Chief Executive Officer

FireNZ Magazine, September 2017

Chief Fire Officer of Martinborough Volunteer Fire Brigade, Bill Butzbach, is now several weeks into his new role as CEO of United Fire Brigades’ Association (UFBA)—the advocacy organisation that represents 12,000 firefighters, 80% of which are volunteers.

MBIE Fire Programme creeps toward closure

FireNZ Magazine, September 2017

Further consultation is required before changes are made to complex regulations that have left many in the fire protection industry confused about rules and responsibilities, writes Keith Newman.

Fire Safety Review a slow burner - industry input urged

FEATURES: Fire NZ, September 2015

NZ Fire Protection Association chief executive Keith Blind warns the NZ fire industry has become far too apathetic about its own future -  if an MBIE questionnaire on issues impacting fire safety is anything to go by. Read more

Ambo-fire dispatch glitch sorted

FEATURES: Fire NZ, September 2015

News that important messages from St John had been lost on four occasions wasn’t escalated to national level at the NZ Fire Service until five months after the first occurrence, raising serious concerns. Read more

Fire science funding at risk - research advances slowed

FEATURES: Fire NZ, May 2015

Keith Newman believes the world-leading group tasked with research and development of tools to assist with the science of rural firefighting could have achieved far more than it has, if it wasn’t so cash strapped. Read more

Scion’s growing fire toolkit has proven track record

FEATURES: Fire NZ, May 2015

Scion RFRP’s Fire Behaviour Toolkit is now used across the country by fire fighters and fire managers and farmers planning controlled burn-offs, alerting them to conditions and the potential spread path of fire. Read more

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