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Managing safety and risk with FireForm

FireNZ Magazine, September 2017

Track and communicate fire system impairments with FireFormTrack and communicate fire system impairments with FireForm


FireForm has developed a way to create, track and communicate fire system impairments, improving risk management practices and potentially saving time and money.


As we have seen in recent and historic events the correct operation of fire protection and alarm systems has a massive impact on life safety. Often, however, the systems that are designed to protect building occupants are isolated or impaired in order to enable repairs and maintenance or to allow for construction work to occur. In many instances, the impairment can continue for long periods of time.

Although it’s often not well understood, it is imperative that these impairments are properly managed and communicated for a number of reasons. Firstly, Health and Safety regulations require us to communicate any risks so that they can be assessed and managed. Secondly, it is a common requirement under insurance policies to inform insurers.

Finally, informing of impairments to Building Owners and other relevant parties such as the Fire and Emergency services is a requirement of NZ Standards.


It started with an idea

FireForm’s team came up with the idea of automating the communication process after first-hand industry experience of the struggles facing both fire contractors and building owners. Further discussions highlighted the need to streamline the whole lifecycle by creating an electronic process to replace the existing paper-based one.

At that time, New Zealand lacked a reliable and accurate process for managing fire safety system impairments. In a major development, FireForm created a cloud-based solution to the lengthy, time consuming paper-based process, which had the additional benefit of improving risk management practices and delivering savings.

Once they started their due diligence and talked to more people in the industry they realised the problems with communicating impairments extended to risk management and insurance liabilities.

FireForm simplifies the heavily administrative process with the use of preloaded system data, right down to individual PFA numbers and zones helping to save hundreds of man hours completing permits. An interactive dashboard provides its users with one central point of complete visibility over the status of impairments across all Key Accounts.


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Delivering savings

Throughout the life cycle of a fire safety system impairment there is, or should be, a communication cycle. FireForm automatically sends real-time notifications reducing the time spent writing emails and waiting for pre-approvals all the while ensuring that NZS:4541 guidelines are met. FireForm also eliminates any non-disclosure issues by notifying insurers of high risk or continuous impairments. 


Improving risk management

Forgotten fire system reinstatements are a real and potentially fatal problem. In the event of an emergency and when a fire safety system is impaired, the consequences can be catastrophic. FireForm helps ensure the safety of those within the building by sharing the risk information and also helps business owners uphold their duty of care to the occupants as per health and safety Legislation.

FireForm reduces the risk of human error using preloaded building and system information and sending automated reminder notifications to the technician responsible once an impairment has reached its end date/time. These notifications repeat and can escalate through a hierarchical chain. FireForm also provides evidence to insurers that the policy requirements have been met and that risk management process is being adhered to.

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