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Homeland Security news and features

Panomera’s multifocal sensor system: Stadium security covered

NZ Security Magazine, Feb/Mar 2018

Stadium-based events are commonly the setting for acts of theft and violence; overseas they've also been the target of recent terrorist attacks. With Dallmeier’s Panomera multifocal sensor system, perpetrators no longer get lost in the crowd.

What have security services learnt from recent terrorist events?

NZ Security Magazine, Feb/Mar 2018

Jason Spivey, Managing Director, Security and Counter Terrorism Consultant at Tristate Group Pty Ltd, suggests that security services in the Commonwealth Games host state have learnt very little from international terror attacks.

Can artificial intelligence and predictive policing make us safer?

Line of Defence Magazine, Summer 2017/18

We speak to Assoc Prof Ryan Ko, Director of the New Zealand Institute for Security and Crime Science at Waikato University, and Assoc Prof Michael Townsley, Head of Griffith University’s School of Criminology and Criminal Justice, about predicting crime.

Australian businesses act to protect people in crowded places

NZ Security, Dec 2017/Jan 2018

In late October, ASIS NZ Chair and Auckland Live’s head of security, Dean Kidd, attended an Australia New Zealand Counter Terrorism Committee (ANZCTC) Business Advisory Group meeting in Sydney. He sees big potential for a public-private approach to terror attack resilience.

New Zealand and Terrorism: the case for new legislation

Line of Defence, Spring 2017

The nature of terrorism has changed, and is continuing to do so. Despite this, writes John Battersby of Massey University’s Centre for Defence and Security Studies, New Zealand relies on terrorist legislation that is no longer fit for purpose.

What’s the future for terrorism?

Line of Defence, Spring 2017

John Battersby of Massey University writes that terrorism is a tactic, it’s evolving, and it’s not going away, with new technologies such as unmanned vehicles and artificial intelligence likely to enable the delivery of terror by remote control.

Protecting crowds from terror: the public-private nexus

Line of Defence Magazine, Spring 2017

The Australian Government has launched a new national strategy for protecting crowds from terror attack. Launched in August, the strategy places the onus for threat preparedness precariously on businesses. Editor Nicholas Dynon asks, is it feasible?

Protecting crowded places from terror attack

NZ Security Magazine, Oct/Nov 2017

Launched in August by Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, ‘Australia’s Strategy for Protecting Crowded Places from Terrorism’ puts the onus for threat preparedness on businesses and recommends they engage licensed security consultants.

OPINION: Towards an economics of terror threat in New Zealand

Line of Defence, Winter 2017

According to the NZSIS website, while the terrorist threat to New Zealand is currently assessed as low, we need to take the threat seriously. But what does ‘low’ mean in terms of the threat, and what should ‘seriously’ look like?

Unisys Security Index: New Zealanders’ security concerns - new peak

Line of Defence, Winter 2017

The New Zealand public’s concern about security issues is the highest it has been in the last decade – according to the 2017 Unisys Security Index. New Zealand recorded the ninth highest index of the 13 countries surveyed.

Q&A: Radicalisation and terror in New Zealand

Line of Defence, Winter 2017

Line of Defence fires some quick questions at Chris Wilson, coordinator of the University of Auckland’s new Master of Conflict and Terrorism Studies, a programme focused on the study of war, ethnic and religious conflict, cybercrime, terrorism and radicalisation.

Manchester stadium attack: holes in the perimeter?

NZ Security Magazine, June/July 2017 

In this exclusive interview, Auckland University specialist in extreme threats and events, Dr Bridgette Sullivan-Taylor, considers what makes the Manchester stadium bombing different to previous terror attacks, and what makes it the same.

RiskNZ: Repositioning Risk Management

Line of Defence, Autumn 2017

RiskNZ’s August conference ‘Repositioning Risk Management’ promises to put the spotlight on several emergent risk management issues and trends challenging risk management professionals in NZ.

Australasian terror: a summer snapshot

NZ Security, Feb/Mar 2017

A flurry of worried reporting hit the media in the wake of the release of the National Security System Handbook in early November, which talked of an unspecified "threat of a domestic terrorist incident".

Common sense required in commenting on terrorist threat

Line of Defence, Summer 2016/17

New Zealand security specialists Carlton Ruffell and Stewart O’Reilly dampen down media hysteria on the threat of terror attacks, injecting dispassionate logic into what is an often emotive topic.

Securing against vehicle-borne attacks

FEATURES: NZ Security, Aug 2016

All it took was one man and a truck... In the wake of the recent Bastille Day terror attack in Nice, we speak with Carlton Ruffell, author of Protecting People in New Zealand, about protecting people and assets against vehicle-based threats.

Is New Zealand's Surveillance Controversy Over? 

Line of Defence, April 2016

Prof. Robert Patman argues that despite the lack of domestic political fall-out, the impact of New Zealand’s surveillance controversy may be more far-reaching than government rhetoric suggests. Read more

International terror and the paradox of being connected

Line of Defence, April 2016

The nature of terrorist and other extreme events leaves managers struggling to make strategic level decisions when confronted by immediate threats, says Dr Bridgette Sullivan-Taylor. Read more

Resilience features of the Christchurch Rebuild

Line of Defence, April 2016

The work of SCIRT demonstrates that the earthquakes of 2011 provided Christchurch an opportunity to rise again more resilient than before and to incorporate resilience principles into its rebuild. Read more

Justice and Emergency Services Precinct 

Line of Defence, April 2016

Expected to be in use by mid-2017, the new Christchurch Justice and Emergency Services Precinct is scheduled for completion by early 2017.  It is the largest multi-agency project in New Zealand’s history. Read more

NZ businesses need to ‘join up’ for resilience

NZ Security, Dec 2015/Jan 2016

Although New Zealand is far removed from traditional theatres of terrorism, extreme events expert Dr Brigette Sullivan-Taylor of Auckland University suggests that we’re not as removed as we might think. Read more

Good security policies counter terrorism threat

NZ Security, June 2015

Last December’s Lindt Café attack in Sydney thrust small business onto the international terrorism map, and in doing so raises significant implications for the security practices of SMEs everywhere. Read more

Preparing businesses for extreme events

NZ Security, June 2015

Auckland University academic Dr Bridgette Sullivan-Taylor has been in the news a bit lately. She argues that businesses need to be taking the threat of unlikely ‘extreme events’ more seriously than in the past. Read more

The debate between security and privacy in NZ

NZ Security, April 2015

New Zealanders, it appears, just don’t give a byte about government intrusions into privacy. Most of us appear to accept that state protection from terrorism is more necessary than protection from the state itself. Read more

CVE for the Common Good

NZ Security, April 2015

Last December saw the passing of legislation aimed at stopping would-be foreign fighters from leaving New Zealand to join Islamic State (ISIS) in Iraq or from carrying out terrorist acts in New Zealand. Read more

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