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Welcome to the February-March 2018 issue of NZ Security Magazine. With this first issue for the year, we’ve managed to rise from our summer hiatus to deliver a surprisingly good read!

Body-worn cameras

In this issue, we continue the solution focus on body-worn cameras (BWCs) that we began in our previous issue. This time around, we gain insights from the first-hand experience of ex-fisheries officer and CERT Systems Limited Managing Director Brad Dannefaerd.

We also explore the role that BWCs can play as an evidentiary tool in the challenging era of ‘sousveillance’ – in which citizens are using their smart phones to record the public interactions of police and enforcement officers.

Stadium security

Stadium security is an area we’ve touched on in a number of articles in 2017, and we revisit the topic in this issue with a re-look at the amazing Dallmeier Panomera multifocal sensor system – a super camera that can literally spot a face in a crowd.

We are also joined by Jason Spivey, Managing Director, Security and Counter Terrorism Consultant at Australian company Tristate Group. In his article, Jason expresses major misgivings over the preparedness of security providers and law enforcement to secure sporting events from attack.

State of the industry

Following last issue’s cracker of a State of the Industry interview with Andrew Thorburn, we’re honoured in this issue to be chatting with Bruce Couper and Charlie O’Donnell of Risq New Zealand. The interview makes for compelling reading thanks to the quality of insights our friends at Risq are able to bring to bear on the State of the Industry themes.

Given the comprehensiveness of Bruce and Charlie’s answers to our questions, we’ve split the interview into two parts, with Part Two featuring in the April-May issue of NZSM.

I recommend that you read the interview in conjunction with our article reviewing a 1997 report into the state of New Zealand’s security industry, which was unearthed during a recent tidy-up of the NZSA office ahead of their move to Albany.

The report, authored by a group of Massey University students, provides a fascinating snapshot of the industry two decades ago, and an opportunity to compare and contrast the state of the industry then with the industry of today. Some things have changed, and many things have stayed the same.

Security Consulting in crisis?

Also in this issue, we feature a cluster of articles focusing on the role of security consultants in a changing market. Among these are a couple of great pieces by respected security consultants James Yearsley of ICARAS Consultants and Craig Bidois of FearFree Ltd.

Faced with a seemingly contracting market increasingly cyber-focused and populated by cash-strapped customers and low-cost alternatives, is the security consultant profession facing a crisis?

Security solutions

We also hear from Hikvision and the range of tailored solutions they are delivering to the banking industry to protect branches from the financial, physical and reputational risks of theft and fraud. And in our spotlight on distributor Hills Limited, we learn about their major digital transformation that promises to deliver significant customer-focused significant benefits.

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