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DEFSEC Media is New Zealand's defence, security and fire B2B/B2G publishing group. Our leading magazines, Line of DefenceNZ Security and Fire NZ are read by key business, government and military decision makers and influencers. This website is the online home of cutting-edge content from each of our titles.


Public Security news and features

Will New Zealand Police adopt body-worn cameras?

NZ Security Magazine, Apr-May 2018

As more local and central government security and enforcement agencies gravitate towards the adoption of body-worn cameras, Nicholas Dynon learns that NZ Police are monitoring the trend, but are taking things slowly.

An officer’s perspective on body-worn cameras

NZ Security Magazine, February 2018

Brad Dannefaerd, Managing Director of CERT Systems Limited, draws from his experience as an New Zealand Fisheries Officer – and an early adopter of body-worn cameras – to explain what sold him on the technology.

Police shy on body-worn cameras in spite of evidence

NZ Security, Dec 2017/Jan 2018

The international law enforcement community is embracing body-worn camera (BWC) technologies, but NZ Police is in no hurry. Ultimately, it comes down to a cost-benefit analysis in which the former appears to be outweighing the latter, writes Nicholas Dynon.

Do body-worn cameras discourage undesirable behaviour?

NZ Security, Dec 2017/Jan 2017

Does the deployment of body-worn cameras actually reduce the threat of aggressive behavior towards guards and frontline enforcement staff? We take a look at two key studies providing an international and local perspective.

Weaponised acid attacks in London

NZ Security Magazine, Dec 2017/Jan 2018

Security Institute of New Zealand (SINZ) Chairman Chris Lawton travels frequently to London, where he reports on the growing concerns over acid attacks - with 166 attacks in 2014 compared to 454 attacks in 2016 - and how authorities are responding. 

Missing Taser Calls Weapon Security into Question

NZ Security, Dec 2016 / Jan 2017

Recently a Police Taser went missing in Gisborne after a struggle ensued between Police and a group of youths. It’s yet to be found. With the Taser now a standard issue weapon, just how secure is NZ Police’s cache of 1,500 Tasers?

Fatal shooting a trigger for police body worn cameras?

NZ Security, Aug/Sep 2016

In the wake of the fatal shooting by police of 36-year-old Nick Marshall in Frankton, Hamilton, on 12 July, criminal barrister Michael Bott has renewed calls for police to wear body worn cameras. NZ Security talked with him.

Why Safe Cities?

NZ Security, Dec 2015 / Jan 2016

In this final of three articles by Chris Lawton of C4 Group we will look at Crime Prevention through Environmental Design (CPTED) and other community-based programmes.

Controversy surrounds NZ Police Taser announcement

NZ Security, October 2015

On 31 July, NZ Police Commissioner Mike Bush announced that all level one police responders will routinely carry Tasers - a decision based on feedback from frontline staff and an extensive review of the use of Tasers.

Calls for police on Auckland trains continue

NZ Security, April 2015

On the evening of Saturday 13 December, nearly 100 brawling youths disrupted train services following Christmas in the Park and the Ragamuffin music festival. 15 security guards and Maori wardens struggled to contain the crowd.

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