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Security Industry news and features

‘Statesman of the Industry’ Interview: Sir William Gallagher

NZ Security Magazine, June-July 2018

As Hamilton-based Gallagher celebrates its 80thanniversary, Chairman and Chief Executive Sir William Gallagher talks with editor Nicholas Dynon about the past, present and future of the iconic New Zealand company.

Hikvision puts security on the smart city map

NZ Security Magazine, June-July 2018

At the end of May, Hikvision Oceania Solution Expert Dean Edwards presented on ‘securing the smart city’ at Developing NZ in Wellington. We spoke with Managing Director of Hikvision Oceania, Daniel Huang, about what the smart city means for security.

A living wage: Cityguard sets standard, challenges industry to follow

NZ Security Magazine, Apr-May 2018

Cityguard director Ian Crawford talks to NZSM about why he’s decided that providing guarding services should no longer be a ‘race to the bottom’, and why he’s doing something about it. It's about creating meaningful change in the industry.

HSM Group: Cutting to the core of success

NZ Security Magazine, Apr/May 2018

New industry qualifications for security technicians will be launched later this year. With demand for technicians on the rise, the focused NZQA training will be welcomed throughout the industry, including by Hawkes Bay’s HSM Group.

Where are all the security consultants?

NZ Security Magazine, Feb/Mar 2018

The market’s requirements of consultants have changed dramatically in recent years, and the profession doesn’t seem to be keeping up. Editor Nicholas Dynon asks, is the 'traditional' consultant a relic, and are we now facing a consulting crisis?

Independent advice ensures security solutions that target the risks

NZ Security Magazine, Feb/Mar 2018

James Yearsley, Managing Director of ICARAS Consultants, argues that security consultant independence and specialisation in the delivery of security services are necessary ingredients for an effective security sector.

Contrary to recent reports, physical security is not dead

NZ Security Magazine, Feb/Mar 2018

Craig Bidois, Managing Director of FearFree Ltd, a leading security consulting and training provider based in Auckland, argues that as a business enabler, physical security should be an integral part of business strategy.

INTERVIEW: State of the industry with RISQ New Zealand

NZ Security Magazine, Feb/Mar 2018

In this series NZSM talks to respected figures within security to gain their perspectives on the big themes shaping the industry and impacting on those who work within it. This issue we talk with Risq New Zealand's Bruce Couper and Charlie O'Donnell.

1997 report on NZ’s security industry: Constants and change

NZ Security Magazine, Feb/Mar 2018

A two-decade-old report sheds intriguing light on the state of New Zealand’s security industry in 1997, and in doing so shines perhaps a more revealing light on the extent to which the industry of today remains, well, stuck in the ‘90s.

Government funding for high-risk retail crime prevention

NZ Security Magazine, Feb/Mar 2018

Greater financial support for crime prevention measures in high-risk retail businesses is being made available by the Government after a review by Police Minister Stuart Nash. An estimated 400 premises are expected to qualify.

Securing the future: Hills’ digital transformation set to impress

NZ Security Magazine, Feb/Mar 2018

Hills Limited is looking boldly into the future – undertaking a major re-engineering of its digital customer experience, announcing new key appointments, revitalising its Auckland trade centre and getting serious on enterprise solutions.

C R Kennedy wins Uniview International Distributor of the year

NZ Security Magazine, Dec 2017/Jan 2018

C R Kennedy (CRK) was announced winner of UNV International Distributor of the Year Award at a Uniview Global Partner Summit ceremony held on 30 October during the China Public Security Expo (CPSE) in Shenzhen.

INTERVIEW: State of the industry with Andrew Thorburn

NZ Security Magazine, Dec 2017/Jan 2018

In this interview series, NZSM speaks to respected figures within New Zealand’s security industry to gain their perspectives on the big themes shaping the industry and impacting on those who work within it. This issue we speak with Andrew Thorburn.

How Deep Learning Benefits the Security Industry

NZ Security Magazine, Dec 2017/Jan 2018

Traditional intelligent algorithms are designed by humans. Whether or not they are designed well depends much on experience and luck, and tit takes a lot of time. So, is it even possible to get machines to automatically learn to do this? 

Health and safety driving take-up of body-worn cameras

NZ Security Magazine, Dec 2017/Jan 2018

With the Health and Safety at Work Act 2016 driving take-up of the technology for parking wardens, animal welfare officers and ticket inspectors, are we likely to see more security guards sporting vest-mounted cameras?

TraceMe by KCS - the versatile location-based positioning solution

NZ Security Magazine, Dec 2017/Jan 2018

State-of-the-art hardware and versatile software make the KCS TraceME modules one of the most advanced, smallest, robust and powerful GPS tracking systems in the world - which can be adapted to virtually any custom application.

Retail sector workers at high risk of facing robbery

NZ Security Magazine, Dec 2017/Jan 2018

According to a March 2017 Retail NZ media release, retail crime costs New Zealand around $1 billion a year in losses, and official robbery statistics indicate that the problem is getting worse. We gain insights from Risq NZ's Bruce Couper.

Opinion: Guarding in a post-compliant society

NZ Security Magazine, Dec 2017/Jan 2018

Stuck between a public that seems less interested than ever in doing the right thing and a legal system that provides little enforcement legitimacy, front line security officers are faced with an increasingly impossible – and hapless – task.

Intelligent airport security solutions from Dahua

NZ Security Magazine, Oct/Nov 2017

In an era marked by terrorist threats, airports are high up on government lists of critical national infrastructure. Securing them has become a whole lot smarter with the Dahua Airport Solution, an intelligent security system for airports.

Navigating the training highway – how to decide what you need

NZ Security Magazine, Oct/Nov 2017

So, you have decided you want to do some formal training – whether it be for you or your staff. Where do you start? Kathy Wright, Chairperson of the NZ Security Training Association, demystifies security training, suggesting a simple checklist of considerations.

Interview series: State of the Industry

NZ Security Magazine, Oct/Nov 2017

In this interview series, NZ Security Magazine speaks to respected figures within New Zealand’s security industry to gain their perspectives on the big themes shaping the industry and impacting on those who work within it.

Awards night brings out security industry’s best

NZ Security Magazine, Oct/Nov 2017

Wellington’s Te Papa was where the security industry converged on the evening of 25 August to celebrate its 2017 best. It was a fitting venue for a night that more than lived up to the expectations of hosts NZSA and its guests from around the country.

NZSA CEO: Developments within the Security Industry

NZ Security Magazine, Aug/Sep 2017

NZSA CEO Gary Morrison provides a look at developments within the security industry and an update on New Zealand Security Association activities in this abridged version of his address in the July 2017 edition of the NZSA Connect Newsletter.

Milesight Unveils 4K H.265 Network Camera

NZ Security Magazine, Aug/Sep 2017

The newly released 4K H.265 Network Camera with outstanding 4K resolution has added to an expanded Milesight 4K solution, which includes front-end network cameras and back end NVRs designed to deliver an ultra-high definition experience.

Exercise: weapons attack at an iconic venue

NZ Security Magazine, Aug/Sep 2017

ASIS New Zealand Chapter Chair and Auckland Live’s Safety and Security Manager, Dean Kidd, presented on “Weapons Attack at an Iconic Venue” at the ASIS Wellington Breakfast Meeting in June, providing his insights into the staging of a NZ-first training exercise.

Travel Security: Protecting your people abroad

NZ Security Magazine, Aug/Sep 2017

At the ASIS NZ Chapter Auckland Breakfast Meeting on 21 July, guest speaker, Peter Frost talked “Travel Safety and Security: Considerations to protect you and your business against threats during crisis”. We feature the key takeaways.

Panomera: Not just another face in the crowd

NZ Security Magazine, Aug/Sep 2017

Stadium-based sporting and cultural events are commonly the setting for acts of theft and violence, and overseas they have been the target of terror attacks. With Dallmeier’s Panomera multifocal sensor system, perpetrators no longer get lost in the crowd.

Biometric bank access challenges passwords

NZ Security Magazine, Aug/Sep 2017

Keith Newman explores the rapidly evolving landscape of biometric authentication in the banking and finance sector. Can biometrics achieve the delicate balance between frictionless customer experience and impregnable security?

Bank robberies on decline despite ripple

NZ Security Magazine, Aug/Sep 2017

The mass move to on-line transactions, improved surveillance and security technology and changes in branch design are making bank robberies less lucrative and those attempting them more likely to spend time behind bars.

“Please Help” app: crime prevention through technology

NZ Security Magazine, Aug/Sep 2017

Rotorua resident Paramdip Singh believes in crime prevention through technology, and has developed a free phone app to prove it. The “Please Help” app is designed to provide a communication edge to people caught up in a security incident.

Media shredder steps up to meet new NZISM requirements

NZ Security Magazine, June/July 2017

Remarkit has just imported into New Zealand the first-ever 3mm Shredder to be used for data destruction. The Mastershred MXHDD is trusted for the secure, safe and sustainable destruction of media containing classified material. 

Red Badge says ‘Hello’ to Adele… and the Blues and Pasifika

NZ Security Magazine, June/July 2017

NZ Security speaks with Red Badge Security’s General Manager Glenn Simpson about the ingredients of a successful weekend of event security across Auckland - providing security simultaneously across three events.

Future focussed: Alliance Wholesale Limited takes flight

NZ Security, June/July 2017

Itron and Zone Technology have merged to form New Zealand’s newest security technology wholesale company, Alliance Wholesale Limited, in a move set to provide improved service and support to integrators and installers.

Insight: Marketing the Smart Home

NZ Security, June/July 2017

The widespread adoption of smart home technologies by NZ'ers seems an inevitability, but the market remains far from convinced that it's worth the investment… and the risk. Recent Otago University research provides important insights.

Interview: Safe cities in the era of govt digital transformation

NZ Security, June/July 2017

In this exclusive interview with NZ Security, Global Chief Public Safety Expert of Huawei Enterprise Business Group, Hong-Eng Koh, talks the challenges and opportunities facing safe cities.

Q&A: ASIS New Zealand Chair, Dean Kidd

NZ Security, June/July 2017

In this recent exclusive interview, NZ Security checked in with Dean Kidd, Chair of the ASIS New Zealand Chapter, to gain insight into where the organisation is heading and what it can offer to prospective members.

Security Institute of New Zealand launches

NZ Security, June/July 2017

The Security Institute of New Zealand has launched, promising to fill what it sees as a leadership gap in the security industry in the areas of professional and academic support, and to provide more support.

Building a culture of training in your business

NZ Security, June/July 2017

The Skills Organisation’s Industry Manager of Security, Erica Quayle says getting people qualified is one thing, but when training becomes a priority and is ingrained into the culture of a business, great things can happen. 

Forum mandates technician training direction

NZ Security, June/July 2017

At the well-attended NZSA-hosted Industry Forum for Electronic Security providers in May there was strong support for bolstering training via the establishment of an apprenticeship framework. NZ Security was there.

Collaboration the key to better security workforce

NZ Security, June/July 2017

There is room for improvement in the training of security staff, and when training is not up to scratch, this can have knock-on effects for the wider industry. The industry needs to work together if it wants to reach its goals – simple as that. 

Editor's Note: the 'home and away' issue

NZ Security, June/July 2017

Training is still very much on the agenda for NZ Security Magazine, and the past couple of months have seen further developments in this space. We also look at smart homes, smart cities and stadium security in this 56-page bumper issue.

Getting security industry training on track

NZ Security, April/May 2017

Keith Newman asks, in part two of his in-depth look at security guard professionalism, whether training is failing the industry or the industry is failing to train? He gains important insights from a number of key industry stakeholders.

Securing government service centres

NZ Security, April/May 2017 

New ID checks at WINZ offices have drawn criticism from unions, but MSD stands firm. It’s one of many changes the ministry has implemented since the 2014 Ashburton tragedy aimed at making the staff and clients of its service centres safer.

Mandatory training in NZ's security sector

NZ Security, April/May 2017

Dr Trevor Bradley of Victoria University of Wellington breaks PSPLA data on security licensing down, arguing that it will be some time before we see any clear evidence that mandatory training has led to a more professionalised industry. 

Security industry slammed for failure to train

NZ Security, Feb/Mar 2017

In the first of a two-part feature Keith Newman asks how the security guard industry can redefine itself to meet 21st century challenges when most indicators are that it’s stuck in a 1970s rut. Leadership is needed if the industry is to professionalise.

Things you may not know about home security

Defsec Media, April/May 2017

Everyone's home is their castle. Sadly though, everyone's been victim to a home break in at one time or another. If you want to keep your home safe, then here's some of the most important things you should know about home security.

Trade shows: is the industry missing out?

NZ Security, Feb/Mar 2017

Is the industry – and its representative organisations and big players in particular – doing enough to cooperate and galvanise to develop a compelling world-class security event in New Zealand? The 2016 trade show space suggests that it's not.

Upskilling your security personnel

NZ Security, Feb/Mar 2017

Continuing professional development is crucial in any industry, and this certainly includes the security sector. With changing technology and the constantly evolving nature of the job, do your staff have the skills to keep up?

Martin Jetpack: First response game changer?

NZ Security, Dec 2016 / Jan 2017

NZ Security caught up with Michael Read, Martin Aircraft Company’s VP Sales & Customer Delivery, as he boarded a flight to the US to spread the Martin Jetpack word. We asked him about the jetpack’s potential for security industry applications.

Trailblazer: Ngaire Kelaher setting the standard

NZ Security, Dec 2016 / Jan 2017

In this issue we profile Ngaire Kelaher. In an industry more male dominated than most, peer feedback suggests that the NZSA Deputy Director of Training is setting the standard not just for women in security but for the industry in general.

2016 Security Industry Awardees

NZ Security, Oct/Nov 2016

At the 2016 Security Industry Awards in Rotorua, 14 award recipients (11 Category winners and 3 Highly Commended) were recognised for exemplifying professionalism within the industry. Congratulations to this year’s winners!

NZSA training evaluation result raises questions

NZ Security, June 2016 

In an NZQA Report of External Evaluation and Review of February 2015, NZSA’s Training Division received a ‘Not Yet Confident in educational performance’ result. We assess the context and seek answers from NZSA's CEO, Gary Morrison. Read more

China-made security robot causes stir

NZ Security, June 2016 

Promoted by China's Communist Party mouth piece, People’s Daily Online, news of China’s new “intelligent security robot” has been received with widespread concern by netizens in the West. but is the reaction justified? Read more

Synology talks storage software

NZ Security, June 2016 

Synology, along with authorised distributor VST NZ Ltd, recently hosted their 2016 Auckland storage workshop. The Sky City Conference Centre event was the latest in a series of successful Australasian workshops. Read more

Cybersec on Wheels: Is car hacking really a thing?

NZ Security, June 2016 

In a Public Service Announcement issued on 17 March, the FBI officially bought into the emerging issue of car hacking, confirming security researchers's ability to perform remote exploits on motor vehicles. Read more

Access Control: Excellence in physical security

NZ Security, June 2016  

Jas Qadir, a Masters in Engineering Project Management student at AUT University, asks do the policies and culture of an organisation drive its physical and access security needs? This article draws from his research. Read more

Too little too late? NZ to finally get a CERT

NZ Security, June 2016  

The Government has announced that it will invest $20 million of operating funding over the next four years on a new national Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT) to combat cyber-attacks and cybercrime. Read more

NZ banknotes awarded for security

NZ Security, June 2016  

New Zealand’s new five-dollar note has won the International Bank Note Society's banknote of the year award, which recognises outstanding banknote design, technical sophistication and security. Read more 

Removing the ‘What ifs’: Baggage security on flights

NZ Security, April 2016

Knowing it will be many hours before we are next reunited with our bags just moments before undergoing customs checks at a foreign airport leaves us with the unnerving question: what if the bags are tampered with? Read more

Q&A: Gary Morrison, New CEO, NZSA

NZ Security, April 2016

Gary Morrison's just received confirmation of his appointment to the CEO position effective from 1st April. Although his appointment is recent, it’s not the first time he’s played a key role in the association. Read more

Frontline: Guarding in the news

NZ Security, April 2016

James Longworth, the man who punched Sydney bouncer Fady Taiba, leaving him in a coma for 19 days and with lifelong injuries in 2013, has been sentenced by the NSW District Court to at least three years in jail. Read more

Achieving Security Effectively Through Design

NZ Security, February 2016

According to Susan Gallagher, most security practitioners know that the emergence of security risk management is a direct result of the costliness of security measures – especially when it comes to physical security. Read more

Lessons learnt in early safe city schemes

NZ Security, February 2016

CCTV expert Peter Houlis' experience in delivering some of the earliest schemes makes him a pioneer in the area and a natural source of wisdom in relation to how to create a safe city and what ‘safe cities’ actually means. Read more

VorTech drone wins Callaghan Innovation comp

NZ Security, February 2016

VorTech, a team of former students of the University of Auckland has won Callaghan Innovation’s inaugural C-PRIZE competition for innovative drone development for the film industry. Read more

What to expect in 2016 in security and surveillance

NZ Security, February 2016

Despite its hype, the emerging IoT has profound ramifications for the security and video surveillance industry. Wai King Wong, Oceania region Country Manager for Axis Communications analyses the trends. Read more

Dahua's elite solution for luxury Italian hotel

NZ Security, February 2016

Dahua, in conjunction with Videotrend, secures the famed celebrity hideaway, the Villa d'este with highly professional video surveillance system while ensuring the most absolute privacy for the celebrity guests. Read more

The curious evolution of robots in security

NZ Security, February 2016

A year ago, the NZ Herald carried a story suggesting that robots are set to displace human workers. In this article we explore the curious - and not particularly meteoric - rise of robots in the global security industry. Read more

HID selected for access management solution

NZ Security, February 2016

HID Global selected by Performance Buildings in Germany to create cutting-edge access management solutions that enable companies and individuals to utilise shared workspaces and ‘on-demand’ offices. Read more

Actions of Christchurch bar security controversial

NZ Security, Dec 2015

Video footage showing two men being rendered unconscious by bar security staff in Christchurch on 10 October has created instant controversy within the security industry, raising many questions. Read more

Axis Acquires Video Analytics Provider Citilog

NEWS: Feb 02, 2016

Proven analytics technology strengthens Axis’ transport offering. Read more

Coroner delivers findings into Dhaliwal death

NEWS: Dec 1, 2015

Recommendations of coroner largely implemented within industry. Read more

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