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Milesight Unveils 4K H.265 Network Camera to Expand 4K Solution

NZ Security Magazine, Aug/Sep 2017

Milesight’s 4K H.265 Network Camera is here to “break the routine and redefine the clarity”.Milesight’s 4K H.265 Network Camera is here to “break the routine and redefine the clarity”.


The newly released 4K H.265 Network Camera with outstanding 4K resolution has added to an expanded Milesight 4K solution, which includes front-end network cameras and back end NVRs designed to deliver an ultra-high definition experience.

“High resolution is a trend of our industry and its value will be demonstrated as the products being well developed. Milesight never ends its efforts in exploring market requirements and trend. Moreover, Milesight has been committed to bringing customers the best,” said Leon Jiang, Vice-president of Milesight.


4K H.265 Network Camera

The Milesight 4K H.265 Network Camera delivers up to 4K resolution at 30fps, providing an ultra-high-definition video viewing experience. Leading-edge H.265 Compression results in a 50% reduction in bandwidth, storage and bit rate – at the same visual quality – compared with H.264.


Smart IR II Technology

Milesight employs the latest generation IR LEDs in its Smart IR II technology, which provides IR LEDs that last 5-10 times longer than previous generation LEDs, delivering greatly improved energy efficiency and levels of brightness – which can be manually adjusted – and delivering an IR distance of up to 60 metres. Milesight’s IR LEDs are extremely durable and built with components designed to withstand the harshest conditions.


120dB WDR

Milesight’s sensor-based Premium 120dB WDR technology allows the camera to record greater scene details with true color reproduction even where the intensity of illumination varies considerably, which is perfectly developed for extreme backlight and high contrast applications.


Integrated Cable Management

Combining the power interface, PoE, and other interfaces neatly in the base, Milesight’s waterproof cable management resists the entry of moisture, shields the camera’s componentry from dust and water, and ensures the ultra-reliable operation of the camera in all weather conditions.


4K H.265 NVR Series

Milesight’s 4K H.265 NVR Series constitutes a complete range of patent design NVRs for flexible and reliable high definition surveillance. The ingenious NVR series is a suite of full-featured high-performance NVRs that offer a robust system for diverse applications. What’s more, they’re built with people in mind, empowering users to set up and manage advanced IP surveillance systems with ease.

The Milesight 4K H.265 Mini (PoE) NVR 1000 Series is a truly convenient plug-and-play NVR featuring four independent PoE ports for easy connection and configuration of network cameras. This eliminates unwanted complexity and simplifies the overall installation process while employing the latest 4K and H.265 technologies. The model supports up to 9 channels.

The 4K H.265 Pro/PoE NVR 5000 Series supports up to 16 channels, with the PoE model featuring eight independent PoE ports. The 4K H.265 Pro/PoE NVR 7000 supports up to 32 channels, as does the 4K H.265 Pro NVR 8000 Series.

The Milesight 4K solution is born to meet the market's need for higher definition, with the 4K resolution efficiently provides clearer images and finer detail. The endless pursuit of clarity demonstrated in the 4K solution reveals Milesight's determination to deliver “Better Inside, More in Sight”.


About Milesight

Established in 2011, Milesight is a high-tech leader specialising in the design and manufacture of best-in-class IP surveillance solutions with superior image quality, exceptional flexibility and uncompromised reliability for the global market. Milesight markets its products through a worldwide network of distributors and resellers, offering excellent pre/after-sales and technical support services that exceed customers' expectations.

Milesight offers a comprehensive product lineup that ranges from multi-megapixel network cameras and NVRs to video management software, meeting varied requirements from entry level through to high end. Visit or email to find out more.


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