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C-27J Spartan

TraceMe by KCS - the versatile location-based positioning solution

NZ Security Magazine, Dec 2017/Jan 2018

From the Commodore 64 to TraceMe location-based positioning technologyFrom the Commodore 64 to TraceMe location-based positioning technology


State-of-the-art hardware and versatile software make the KCS TraceME modules one of the most advanced, smallest, robust and powerful GPS tracking systems in the world, which can be adapted to virtually any custom application.


Many of us who grew up in the 1980s and 90s will recall with great fondness the iconic Commodore 64 and Amiga personal computers. These machines brought the computer age to living rooms of homes across New Zealand, providing the pixelated user experience that – along with dot matrix printers and 5¼ floppy discs – defined our childhoods.

Little did we know that that under the hood of the C64 and Amiga computers might be found a KCS Speedsaver, KCS Power Cartridge (the red box for the C64) or the Power PC Board for the Amiga. The KCS Power PC Board could transform the humble Amiga 500 into an IBM compatible machine with 1.5 megabyte Amiga memory expansion!

Founded in 1984, Netherlands-based Kolff Computer Supplies nowadays boasts a complete service package and production capacity for the assembly of printed circuit boards and related products. In recent times, KCS has made a name for itself with its leading track and trace solution, KCS TraceME.

KCS has over 11 years of experience in GPS/GNSS and location based positioning technology and solutions. State-of-the-art hardware and versatile software make the TraceME modules one of the most advanced, smallest, robust and extremely powerful GPS tracking systems in the world, which can be adapted to virtually any custom application.

TraceME modules are widely used in applications including vehicle, personal, animal, and object tracking. With its super-reliable hardware, and advanced software and connectivity options, it rightly claims to be the most versatile location-based positioning solution in the market today.

Over the years, KCS has developed a solid global network of alliance partners providing complete ready-to-use and M2M solutions from the Netherlands to Australasia.


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The KCS TraceMe TM-178

The company recently upgraded its flagship TraceME module TM-178, targeted for tracing and controlling vehicles and other powered equipment.

TM-178/R9H7 module now features optional LoRa, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth Smart (BLE), ANT/ANT+ and proprietary RF, enabling easy integration with existing wireless networks and custom mobile apps on smartphones and tablets.

The LoRa technology offers a communication range of up to 60 kilometers line of sight. It provides an advanced indoor and outdoor location-based positioning solution, which covers a variety of Internet of Things (IoT)-applications and enables stolen object and vehicle recovery.

The TM-178 is equipped with external power and battery backup connection, basic I/O-connectivity and multiple onboard sensors. The unit contains multiple integrated antennas for GPS/GLONASS, GSM (2G/3G) and RF functionality. The module can be remotely programmed to suit specific deployments, from general functionality to advanced application-specific functions.

With a compact size of 91 x 40 millimeters, weight of 30 grams, and a battery lifespan of more than 10 years, the module offers a wide range of OEM integration possibilities. The module can also be ordered in an optional robust IP67 housing.

Ever since its role in the home computing revolution of the 1980s, KCS has been at the forefront of the circuit board market. To find out more about its TraceMe range, visit


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