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Mastershred media shredder steps up to meet new NZISM requirements

NZ Security Magazine, June/July 2017

Information Technology asset management leader Remarkit has just imported into New Zealand the first ever 3mm Shredder to be used for data destruction. The Mastershred MXHDD PC Hard Drive Disintegrator shreds hard drives and other media down to 3mm, and is widely-trusted for the secure, safe and sustainable destruction of media containing classified material.


Designed in Australia, building of the two-tonne media muncher commenced on 2nd December last year, and it has arrived just in time to assist government agencies and related organisations meet new media destruction requirements prescribed in the New Zealand Information Security Manual (NZISM) (Version 2.5, July 2016).

“We understand there will be a requirement for Government agencies to shred to 3mm equipment that has been deemed to be at a certain security level,” said Tim Findlay, Remarkit’s managing director. “As a result, we have ordered a shredder that can do both a 3mm and 6mm Shred.”

According to the NZISM – Part 1, 13.5.8. Storage and handling of media waste particles, only media shredded to particles of less than or equal to 3mm can be deemed to be ‘unclassified’ whatever their initial security classification. Media classified at ‘confidential’ and above, when shredded into particles larger than this, are still likely to have to be treated as classified (albeit at a lower level) even after shredding.

A big security problem facing government and businesses is the secure destruction of large volumes of classified and sensitive material on a wide range of computers, hard drives and other storage media. These are the post-paper waste products of the information revolution, and if not destroyed properly they can expose organisations to crippling security risk and embarrassing environmental exposure.

The Mastershred handles paper and a wide range of media, including CDs, ID cards, video tapes, audio tapes, computer tapes, floppy discs, microfiche, cardboard, x-rays, plastics, hard drives and other classified media. Using unique high speed rotating blades and a 3mm particle screen, it destroys all material down to 3mm particle size – impossible to read or re-construct.


Remarkit’s security journey

Wellington-based Remarkit Solutions Ltd professionally manages the commissioning, decommissioning and remarketing of information technology equipment. Since the company was launched in 2000, it has completed a number of significant projects for some of New Zealand and Australia's largest corporations, leasing companies and government agencies.

Importantly – given its line of work -  Remarkit is ISO27001 certified, which means that it manages the security of assets, such as financial information, intellectual property, employee details or information entrusted to it by third parties, in compliance with world-best standards.

The company has been at the forefront of the e-waste recycling industry for many years. Not only are they an organisation that champions the need for sustainability, but they are pioneers in finding innovative sustainability solutions.


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With funding from the Government, Remarkit conducted the first ever e-waste study in New Zealand. They were the first to apply for a Basel Permit to ship CRT Monitors offshore for disposal in an eco-friendly way, and were at the forefront of initiating the first ever New Zealand e-Day, where consumers were able to dispose of their computer waste for free.

Through Remarkit’s sustainability leadership, many other organisations, including councils and corporates, have become involved in running e-Days in other parts of the country.

The company has also been involved in the Computers in Homes programme, which places computers in the homes of lower-income families. Nationally, the programme places about 1500 computers a year, many of which are refurbished PCs provided by Remarkit.


A name you can trust

Evaluated by the US National Security Agency (NSA), the Mastershred MXHDD meets NSA/CSS Specification 02-02 High Security Disintegrators and NSA/CSS 04-02 Optical Media Destruction Devices. It is already in use by US Defence and Government authorities (GSA Approved).

If certification against international standards are a mark of trust, then Remarkit cuts an impressive figure. The company is ISO27001 and ISO 14001 certified, having held the latter for a number of years.

“Remarkit is audited by major banks, government agencies and compliance auditors on a regular basis, said Tim. “and we are now working with government to have the Mastershred MXHDD certified.”

Not only does the company tick all the right boxes when it comes to dealing with sensitive data, but it also employs best practice in the recycling of e-waste. “When we deploy new technology into large corporate and government agencies, we take back the old equipment as well as packaging,” stated Tim. “This refreshes Technology in a smart efficient process.”

This commitment to e-waste best practice means that Remarkit is the first New Zealand company to gain AS/NZS5377:2013, a new standard for e-waste, which promotes recycling, helps reduce e-waste going into landfill, supports legal protection of environment, and meeting international obligations.


Impressive specifications

Specifically designed to handle PC Hard drives (up to 200 per hour), the Mastershred MXHDD can also rip through Blu-ray discs at the rate of 350 per minute, microfiche at 200 per minute, video cassettes at 60-70 per minute, computer tapes at 30-40 per minute, and x-Rays at 50-60 per pass. This equates to an impressive throughput of up to 400 – 1,000 kg per hour.

Enabling this impressive shredding rate is the machine’s gaping throat width of 410mm and automatic conveyer feed for automated loading. The overall dimensions of the Mastershred MXHDD are 1900mm x W 1600mm x D 2100mm, with a shipping weight of 2,050 kg.

Mastershred’s voracious cutting power is delivered by 15 high strength blades (12 rotating and 3 stationary), with a long life cutting head that can be re-sharpened. It has a 50 hp motor as standard, although 65 and 75 hp options are also available. Power is 415V Three Phase.

Apart from the 3mm stainless steel particle screen, optional larger screens are also available for use with other materials or lower security applications.

At the end of the day it’s all about managing waste in the most secure, safe and sustainable way. To this end, the machine incorporates an air blower for extraction of processed product and an air filter system that removes dust and particles from the air for safe operation. Waste particles compact down giving higher volume per bag and emptying less frequently. A dual bag collection system comes as optional.

The machine boasts an automatic lift to open the cutting chamber for easy cleaning. Automatic power cutoff activates when the access doors are opened. Remarkit offers and recommends a full maintenance service contract.

With a facility in Auckland they operate nationwide deployments and the collection of used IT equipment. For more information on the Mastershred MXHDD, visit Remarkit’s web site, or email


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