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Security Institute of New Zealand launches

NZ Security, June/July 2017

The Security Institute of New Zealand (SINZ) has launched, promising to fill what it sees as a leadership gap in the security industry in the areas of professional and academic support.


A new industry organisation, the Security Institute of New Zealand (SINZ), has just launched, with the intention of becoming “a peak body for the New Zealand security industry.”

The new outfit is looking to focus on the professional and academic development of people working in security – including community volunteers and security professionals – across the country.

According to a statement, SINZ is dedicated to “supporting the organisations, associations and businesses of New Zealand to maintain a safe and secure environment.” It plans on doing this “by providing dynamic and professional leadership, supporting the security sector in ensuring that the interface with security provider is informed, professional and based on current knowledge and practices.”

In an industry already flush with professional and industry associations, such as the NZSA, ASIS NZ, and the sector-specific NZIPI, ACFE and Master Locksmiths, the new organisation is looking to fill what it refers to as a clear and persistent gap. “We have excellent industry specific organisations,” SINZ states, “… however for many years there has been a gap in the overall leadership in the security industry including professional and academic support.”

Its mission statement is to “provide a credible organisation that provides leadership, represents, [and] supports all who provide security services across a broad range of activities and services.”

“At the moment, there are many changes on the New Zealand security front,” continued its statement. “Crime in some areas is being reduced but the level of victimisation is still far too high. There is a need for a body that provides dynamic leadership, is available to all those working in the security industry.”

The new organisation appears particularly focused on capturing as members those within security who it sees as not being adequately represented by existing groups, such as security guards and community volunteers.


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“We do not believe that representation can be truly considered fair unless everyone is represented and has an equal opportunity for membership,” it stated.

SINZ is thus making membership available to all security personnel, security companies, community organisations and groups, and anyone with an interest in the security sector. Membership is free to individuals and “currently free” to all security companies.

The Institute is founded by the directors of training provider C4 Group, Chris Lawton and Kathy Wright, who told NZ Security that a number of companies had approached them about the need for the type of support that SINZ is now looking to provide to the industry.

Kathy is also the chairperson of the New Zealand Security Training Association (NZSTA), which will now become a division within the Institute.

Advising the Institute on its strategic direction will be a National Reference Group made up of leaders of organisations within the security industry. According to the Institute, organisations that are likely to be involved in the Group include ACFE, ASIS NZ, the Skills Organisation, Community Patrols of New Zealand (CPNZ) and NZIPI.

SINZ will also look to establish what it calls ‘sector advisory groups’. The first of these will consider industry codes of practice as well as the associated auditing of security companies and individuals against these codes. Areas of focus are likely to include auditing processes and costs, health and safety, business practices and Protective Security Requirements (PSR).

The Institute’s soon-to-be published website at contains further details about SINZ, as well as education and training focused resources, a professional development area and a blog. A ‘Conference Watch’ facility will provide members with reports and research material from presentations at industry conferences, such as ASIAL.


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