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Intelligent airport security solutions from Dahua

NZ Security Magazine, Oct/Nov 2017

The Dahua Airport Solution - an intelligent security solution for airports.The Dahua Airport Solution - an intelligent security solution for airports.


Although it's been statistically proven that taking a plane is no riskier than taking a bus, people do have reasons to approach air travel safety with additional caution, especially in an era marked by terrorist threats.

Airports are a major line of defence, which, as international gateways and the transportation hubs of cities, are high up on government lists of critical national infrastructure. Securing airports has become a whole lot smarter with the Dahua Airport Solution, an intelligent security system for airports.


Difficulties in managing an airport security

All airports, large or small, face similar difficulties in maintaining security. Firstly, securing airports requires a complex collaboration of multiple (sub) systems such as monitoring, alarm, access control, and network communication systems along with a management platform. Logically, the more steps and players it takes, the higher likelihood of a mistake occurring.

Secondly, airports include a variety of places, including the terminal area, parking stations, offices, freight areas, lobby and reception areas (including public areas in front of the terminal building), the flight area, hangars, the perimeter and so on, each of which operates on a vertical management system. With so many areas and large volumes of complexity of persons and cargoes moving in and out, there is a complex cacophony of elements to control.

Thirdly, it’s not only about accuracy but also about swiftness when it comes to airport security. Security should bring efficiency and not the other way around. For example, in April 2017, a drone flew into Chengdu Airport in China causing the runway being shut down for 80 minutes. The resulting financial loss was estimated to exceed 10 million dollars.



Dahua Airport Solution

Designed to provide the solution to all the difficulties mentioned above, the Dahua Airport Solution is a unified security system combining multifunctional HD surveillance cameras with deep-learning Artificial Intelligence that can analyse big data to get the target, be it a car, a face or a series of numbers.

For vehicle management, all-in-one cameras can be harnessed to capture and recognise license plates of vehicles accessing the airport, which will trigger an alarm when it detects illegal, stolen, blacklisted, hit-and- run, crime-related and other suspect vehicles.

Covering the entire route of a vehicle – from airport driveway to parking station to exit points – the surveillance system can effectively assist security guards and police (especially when there are personnel constraints) to maintain smooth service and respond quickly when things go wrong or when things don’t look right.

In terms of passenger management, the same full coverage provided by the aforementioned security system also applies to passenger management – from vehicular disembarkation point to terminal building entry and check-in area all the way to the last step to the boarding gate. Dahua’s HD surveillance cameras endowed with deep-learning AI boast world-leading accuracy in facial recognition and e-passport verification. Any suspect showing up in any area of the airport will immediately trigger an alarm.


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The airport perimeter

Dahua Airport Solution also takes care of another crucial part of airport: the perimeter area. Since the perimeter is devoid of light by design – it is even darker than the apron – airports must resort to special equipment such as thermal imaging cameras to keep the area secure.

In this case study of the Dahua Airport Solution, the subject airport includes a perimeter of 30 km and handles an annual throughput of 30,000,000 people and 8,000,000 tons of cargo.



According to the above thermal imaging calculation form, we chose to use the 100mm lens with a resolution of 640 * 512, and set the installation height at 5m, which should be able to detect 1.8m * 0.5m people within 3,000m. With 10 cameras, the perimeter will be well covered for the purpose of intruder detection.

The intelligent analytics of IVS (intelligent video system) requires 10 * 10 pixels, with each thermal imaging camera capable of detecting and analysing objects within 400m. There is in total 12km of perimeter coverage needed, so we place 30 cameras, bringing the total solution to 40 thermal imaging cameras.

TPC-PT8620C Thermal Camera and its capture of an airport Dahua’s thermal imaging technology has the advantages of PTZ function, long distance surveillance (which can detect a vehicle 8.8 km away), long distance zoom, binocular lens (optical and thermal imaging lens), strong intelligence (which can detect intrusion) and so on. Compared to other perimeter protection equipment in the market today, such as vibration fibre sensor and IR beam sensor, thermal imaging cameras have higher accuracy and less false alarms while providing video to verify.



Dahua has established strong cooperation with world-renowned platforms including Genetec, Milestone, Avigilon, AXXON and ISS, which infuses Dahua’s Airport Solution with even more possibilities. Supported by strong R&D resources and good working relationships earned through collaboration with partners, Dahua can ensure seamless integration whether it’s front-end IPC or back-end NVR, fulfilling the diverse demands of clients and providing a seamless airport security solution.

Dahua continues to invest in the research and development and with its mission of “Safer Society, Smarter Living”, Dahua will continue to focus on “Innovation, Quality, and Service” to serve partners and customers around the world.


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