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New Hesco Product Will Stop Hostile Vehicles

Posted 14/9/2017

Security experts Hesco, who are renowned for their innovative security solutions, have recently launched their latest product range TERRABLOCK.

Since 1991, their products have been deployed in some of the most hostile parts of the world and are used by militaries, law enforcement, as well as the oil and gas industries and humanitarian agencies.

The TERRABLOCK range has had five years dedicated to its creation, and it unrivalled in its design, technical innovation and manufacturing. Developed alongside customer requirements and security specialists, it has been created for use in hostile regions as well as corporate and civilian areas.

The products in the range offer the best in surface mounted protection, with minimal impact on the surrounding environment and aesthetics, providing peace of mind to the public that their safety is being secured by a world leading, and commended security provider that has a wealth of experience in deterring hostile threats.

As terror groups are inciting new methods, we have now seen around ten attacks in Europe alone, in which vehicles have been used to cause the maximum amount of damage and harm, with the most recent being the attack in Barcelona, and another taking place in America. TERRABLOCK has been created in response to the heightened state of security that the world is currently facing, in order to prevent both hostile vehicles and hostile intruders from entering public spaces, and causing damage ad harm.

The TERRABLOCK range was deployed for the first time at the 2012 London Olympics, after it was developed in response to the hostile threats and challenges that the world is facing at present.

Engineered and tested to ensure that the security barriers meet the minimum PAS68 security requirement for vehicle mitigation barriers in the United Kingdom, the range consists of five products – XL, XR, XT, XV and XS; each comes with their own specialism.

As seen from the below video, the XR provides defence against a 15,000 lb vehicle travelling at 50 mph from impacting the surrounding area. The XT can be built upon, to include additional perimeter protection with CCTV, detection systems and surface mounted poles. The XL has been built so that it can be deployed in city landscapes, event venues and at sport stadiums, and the XR adheres to police requirements and is able to withstand a vehicle travelling at 30mph. Previously, the XS has been used in remote oil and gas locations around the world, who require a high level or security.

The TERRABLOCK range is built on a patented energy displacement system, that minimises the effect of an impact. The products utilise mesh panels alongside a series of pins and coils to form the security barrier; the end solution is anti-climb while also providing surface mounted protection also.

One of the unique, defining features of the range is that it is rapidly deployable, and the flat packed units are quickly transformed into structures using minimal manpower, handling equipment and fill material. The range doesn’t require any concrete foundations, instead using earth from the surrounding vicinity where possible, or a ballast bag.

At present, TERRABLOCK has been used to protect the Royal Armouries Museum in Leeds in the United Kingdom, as well as being deployed in oil and gas infrastructures around the world, yet is a solution which can be used in a range of environments where high levels of security are required to be in place and maintained. As the crash-rated barrier can be branded so that it remains inconspicuous and in-line with an organisations branding, it’s built so that it provides security which is both innovative and fits in seamlessly with existing architecture and infrastructure.

Enabling organisations and public bodies to protect the public with a highly-regarded security solution which has been certified to reduce the impact of hostile vehicles, TERRABLOCK is an innovative solution which can be deployed across a variety of environments.

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